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How Bo Works



Be confident with what you own. Scan the product barcode, search our database, or just add a few details to quickly get started tracking your stuff. You can even track the exact paint color in a room.



Bo's product database is a wealth of knowledge. If Bo doesn't already have your item in it's database, our team of experts track down and complete any missing info for you - from product documentation, manuals, and more.



Stay on top of maintenance best practices through proactive reminders, order quality replacement parts, or even find a local service pro to make sure you always get the most out of your hard earned items.

Your homeowner toolbelt

Item tracking

Add directly from a Barcode or Receipt (beta), search our existing Product database, or quickly add with a few details and Bo will handle the rest.

Room-based Organization

Your items often stay in specific rooms, organize them in Bo that same way.

Maintenance Reminders

With proactive maintenance reminders and a calendar view you can keep your stuff in tip-top shape.

Personal Documentation

Keep track of your receipts and warranty registration information all in one place.

Official Documentation

Direct access to product manuals and other documentation from the manufacturer.

Parts List

View and order the correct replacement parts without worrying if it is the correct size.

Claim Exports*

Export supporting Insurance and Warranty claim documentation to make sure you have as much information as possible.


Reviews, product recommendations, Q&A, and more - all from fellow homeowners like yourself.

* indicates upcoming feature that is not yet available.


Pricing To Cover Your Home



Start the smart approach for caring for your stuff

  • Track your items

  • Access to Bo's product knowledge database (PDF Documentation and Service Pro recommendations)

  • Proactive maintenance notifications

  • Upload personal documentation (i.e. receipt, warranty card, etc.)

Homeowner (Coming Soon)


Everything in the Basic plan, plus:

  • Add your own pictures to items

  • Priority product matching by Bo's experts

  • Export Insurance and Warranty claim documentation

  • Early access to new features

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For better organization, less stress, quicker insights, and smarter decisions think of Bo as a personal, secure, and professionally-curated database of all your stuff so you'll never lose track of anything without having to actively monitor anything. That's our job! Here are some other advantages of working with Bo:


Forget looking through old emails and crumpled receipts, let Bo keep track of all the details for you. Whether you want to match the exact paint color you used in the past, look up an answer in the product manual you tossed on day one, or you need to send a receipt to a home warranty or insurance company, we've got you covered.


It's impossible to keep a mental record of maintenance requirements for all of your belongings. This usually leads to delayed servicing and expensive repairs. With Bo, you'll receive proactive, personalized maintenance reminders to keep your things functioning perfectly. Whether your HVAC filter is due for a replacement or your smoke alarm needs new batteries, you'll receive a personalized reminder and a link to the precise part you need. Yes, it's really that easy! Simply sign up with Bo and never stress about maintenance again.


Bo has a wealth of information to help homeowners and renters just like you make the most out of their stuff. We'll maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all your belongings including official product information including official PDFs, support manuals, product replacements, and much, much more! We even provide real product reviews from fellow members of the Bo community for specific items when you're in the market for something new. That way, you can shop confidently knowing what others have to say about that new fridge, washing machine, or whatever else you need.

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